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EVA London Conference 2023

The Digital Humanities Lab is pleased to announce that Fiction MFA students, Dajonea Robinson, Lindsay Pierce, Whitney Graham, and Tracy Tran will give a presentation, and be published, at the Electronic Visualization & the Arts Conference in London, England.

The group proposed an examination of "Social Memberships and Identity Representation in 'Text-to-Image' Artificial Intelligence Programs," which will be presented at the EVA London Conference. The EVA conference’s purpose explores how visualization technologies can be used in various domains such as art, music, dance, theatre, and the sciences to further advance their respective fields. The group's paper explored intersectional identity and representation in AI art. The findings of their research will help create conversations to further refine the artificial intelligence field.

The Digital Humanities Lab's "Tech Talks and Creative Thoughts: MFAs Explore Intersectional Representation in AI Art" event, held on 11/1/22, provided the inspiration for this paper’s submission. At this discussion, Lindsay, Graham, and Dajonea presented a series of talks about AI art and their individual identities. This was an opportunity to spread further understanding of how artificial intelligence is influencing the art world, as well as how it can be used to create personal and exclusive art.